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Rules archery parcours

Safety rules – 3D archery parcours Hartlbauer Dorfgastein

While using our archery parcours you agree explicitly to our rules and are responsible for any consequences of such failure.

01 Each archer is responsible for his shot! Before the shot, the archer has to insure that the firing range is clear before and behind the target. Is there even the slightest doubt, the shot should be discontinued immediately.

02The bow may only be drawn and shot in direction toward the target. Vertical shots and extreme high shots are strictly prohibited, as is the pullout over head! Compound bows are not allowed.

03Wait sufficiently long until archers in front of you left the shooting area. Security and mutual respect are paramount!

04Shooting is only permitted from the markers. One foot should touch the shooting stake.

05Those shooters chosen the rear (red) stake shoot first. Then it´s the other archers turn - shooting from the font (yellow) stake. Waiting persons have always to be behind (NOT in front or close to!) the shooter.

06Shooting stakes are numbered consecutively and the course is marked. Patrolling of the terrain is safe only along the marks! Never go against the direction of course - you could run into the line of fire!

07Expect difficult hiking terrain. Sturdy shoes, preferably ankle high hiking boots are recommended. We are not liable for any accidents.

08While searching for arrows you have to mark the shooting stakes with an object (bows, clothing, etc.), to warn other archers.

09There might be grazing livestock on the parcours. Should these animals be in your shooting range or even close to it, the current shot should be skipped and might be repeated on the second round.

10The course is not appropriate for children under 9 years of age. Children and adolescents under 16 years of age may use the course only when accompanied by an adult. Parental advisory is required in any case.

11Entering the parcours in alcoholized state is strictly prohibited.

12Any shooting operations end after dusk.

 Have a lot of fun and a straight arrow flight - Fam. Meikl